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Education program
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Education program

Lectra, in partnership with education

Lectra recognizes the responsibilities that come with worldwide leadership status and translates them into concrete commitments, one of which is to furthering education. To help prepare students for their future professional lives, Lectra has developed partnerships with more than 850 schools and universities in 60 countries. Partnerships are specially adapted to suit the teaching methods of each institution. As well as providing teachers and students with the latest technologies, Lectra offers opportunities for internships and real-world working experiences and supports end-of-study projects. Our partners are:
  • fashion and design schools and universities
  • engineering schools, particularly related to textiles and information technology
  • professional fashion associations, and Incubator projects

A dedicated partnership program

Lectra partnership policy was launched to reinforce our support for tomorrow’s professionals, and to accompany them throughout their studies. Each partnership is adapted to the specificities of the institution, the courses it offers, and the students themselves. It is based on mutual commitments.
We provide students with our latest technologies, as well as all of our expertise, and we help professors to integrate them into their academic curricula.

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