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Leather cutting solution

Lectra has used its expertise in leather to develop VersalisFashion, the leather cutting solution that meets the most stringent demands of leather goods and footwear manufacturers. It can optimize the production cycle and generate significant material savings while delivering an impeccable quality of cut.

Optimized productivity

Orobianco customer stories in video VersalisFashionVersalisFashion consists of a cutter, a hide analysis solution and a software suite for optimizing and managing operations.
By performing the scanning, nesting and cutting phases in a continuous sequence, VersalisFashion can achieve particularly high levels of productivity.With its three cutting heads working simultaneously, it can cut complex shapes and handle a multitude of small parts.

Unparalleled cutting quality

Using an offline process, the operator scans the hides in advance of cutting and identifies the different qualities of the material to be processed, with great precision and speed.
The production cycle is optimized and an excellent quality of cut is assured.

Significant material savings

In the context of a 50 to 100% rise in raw leather prices since 2009, Versalis Fashion offers a vital competitive advantage.The advantage of an offline process, combined with the power of the VersalisFashion automatic nesting algorithms, enables you to achieve material savings estimated at 10% on average.
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