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An essential partner
Overcoming business challenges
Enhance productivity
Improve profitability
Reinforce competitiveness
Improving production processes
Maximize equipment usage
Streamline maintenance operations

An essential partner

The privileged partner of companies in the fashion industry, Lectra supports its customers over the long term with the identification, definition, installation and maintenance of efficient, flexible manufacturing processes that are essential to their competitiveness and growth objectives.

Lectra, an industrial partner

Cutting room solutions for the fashion industryWith more than 35 years' experience and over 23,000 customers, Lectra is the world leader in integrated technology solutions that automate, streamline and accelerate manufacturing processes. Its understanding of the best practices in optimization first developed in the automotive industry makes it the perfect partner for fashion industry companies in their streamlining projects.

Through the know-how of 90 business and solutions experts and 180 advisers and trainers distributed throughout five international Call Centers, Lectra offers its customers an exceptional level of service and expertise throughout the world.

Its project management expertise enables it to support its customers, from the identification of their needs to the definition of the most appropriate technological solution, its implementation, maintenance of the equipment, training and user support.

An intelligent cutting room

Consisting of a full array of powerful software, high-tech equipment and intelligent services incorporating industry best practices, Lectra's cutting room is the most advanced offer on the market in terms of production process optimization

It is flexible and can easily be adapted to different production models (mass production, diversified production, small and medium-sized runs). It can significantly reduce time-to-market and material consumption, and can optimize each stage of production to deliver optimal profitability.

Lectra's cutting room offer gives manufacturers a complete set of tools for:
> Overcome business challenges
> Improve production processes
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