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Flat pattern making
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Flat pattern making

The right fit is key to gaining consumer confidence and loyalty. Once a brand’s target fit has been defined, it must be wielded intelligently to maintain a competitive advantage. Flat pattern making, when done correctly, provides the code to this integral part of a brand’s DNA and helps ensure competitiveness in a challenging marketplace.

Consistent fit

Consistent fitOnce basic pattern blocks, or slopers, have been defined, standardized, and graded, up to 80% of elements from previous styles can be reused.

This makes it easy to modify and carry over styles from season to season, which helps ensure that recurring ones remain consistent and new fashion items benefit from extra creative time.


Intelligent links to simplify all-size pattern development

Intelligent linksIntelligent links embedded in Modaris pattern blocks revolutionize the development process:
if any changes are made to the length of a sleeve front, the sleeve back will follow due to the association of key points on the different pieces.
The links can be modified either on the piece itself or by changing values in the measurement table.

Changes to one pattern piece are automatically transferred to all linked pieces, meaning styles can be developed in all sizes without grading having to be performed separately.
The result is consistent final product quality across a size range.


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