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La Nueva Plataforma PLM en la Nube

Descubra el siguiente nivel de tecnología de la gestión del ciclo de vida del producto y descubra cómo Kubix Link: el exclusivo PLM basado en la nube de Lectra, ayudará a su empresa a llevar el producto al mercado de manera más rápida y eficiente.

Aug 20, 2020 12:00 PM in Mexico City - Inscription

North America

Lean Leadership Series | The Manufacturing Engineer (Automotive)

This 30-minute session will focus on key business, financial and operational metrics

Aug 19, 2020 02:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada) - Registration

Fashion Live Talk : Choosing the Right PLM partner

Experts will share their insights on how the right PLM can support your company's digital transformation, the advantages of Cloud based PLM versus old systems and spreadsheets, how to identify the PLM your company really needs and success case studies.

Aug 25, 2020 - 02:30 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada) - Registration

Modaris Coffee break

Join our Modaris Experts, in an interactive session and learn tips and Tricks, best practices and how become more productive by shaving valuable steps of your workflow. During this first session we will present the new features of Modaris V8R3. Modaris Coffee Break will take place every last Tuesday of the month.

August 25, 2020 - 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) - Registration

Kaledo Coffee Break

JJoin our Kaledo Expert , Christine Fox, in an interactive session and learn tips and Tricks, best practices and how become more productive by shaving valuable steps of your workflow. During this first session Christine will present the new features of Kaledo V4R2. Kaledo Coffee Break will take place every last Thursday of the month.

Aug 27, 2020 - 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) - Registration



Quick Nest _ Quick Estimate

Eliminez les goulots d’étranglement grâce au cloud, obtenez en quelques secondes seulement les chiffres de votre consommation de tissu, gagnez une longueur d'avance sur les délais.

9 Septembre 2020 à 10h - Inscription




本セミナーは、ファッション業界のこれからとデジタル化について、そしてカスタマイズ生産にフォーカスしてご案内します。 またレクトラのアパレル専用カスタマイゼーション生産ソリューション「ファッションオンデマンド」のプラットフォームをデモンストレーションでご紹介します。

日時:2020年8月62日(水)14:00 - 15:00 - Registration

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English language

Are you ready for On-Demand?

Are you already producing on-demand products? Do you need to increase your speed to market? Do you want to add agility to your value chain? Are you interested in personalization offers?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, this Fashion LiveTalk is for you. Learn how to ready your business for on-demand. 



Today’s challenges in pattern development

This webinar will provide answers to 5 frequently asked questions which users often contact our help desk team about. We will talk about increase in productivity, quality & fit, optimize fabric consumption, decrease issues and delays in production and improve collaboration with sub-contractors.



The upside of downtime, proactive maintenance on idle cutting solutions

This webinar (in English) is for Lectra customers using leather, fabric or airbag cutting systems. During this session, we will explain why you should take the time now to maintain your cutting room equipment to be able to take advantage of the 2021 rebound activity.




French language

Economie circulaire et développement durable

Lectra s'associe à ses partenaires technologiques CETI et VISEO et vous propose ce webinaire au cours duquel ils vous partageront leurs réflexions actuelles sur les thématiques de l'économie circulaire et du développement durable.




Italian language

Con Retviews i dati sui competitor sono a portata di mano!

Questa soluzione ti consente di ottenere un'analisi approfondita della concorrenza fornendo feedback strategici su come consolidare i tuoi punti di forza



Unisciti anche tu alla comunita' del fashion ultra connessa!

Ridefinisci il tuo metodo di lavoro collegando in un’unica piattaforma cloud tutte le informazioni di prodotto da condividere in tempo reale con i tuoi collaboratori e creare le perfette esperienze omnichannel che i consumatori si aspettano.




German language

Befinden Sie sich aktuell in folgendem Dilemma?

Ihr Dilemma - Ihr Lager ist voll und es finden kaum Abverkäufe statt? Die Fashionbranche muss überlegen, wie sie sich auf die Zeit jetzt und die Post-COVID19-Ära vorbereitet. Was sind die richtigen Entscheidungen und Maßnahmen. Dabei möchten wir Sie unterstützen.

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On-demand Webinar: Masken, Schutzkleidung, Produktionsanpassungen: Das neue Normal für die Mode- und Polstermöbelindustrie

Sie stellen Ihre Produktion ganz oder teilweise auf Masken und Schutzkleidung um? Sie wollen Ihre Mitarbeiter schützen oder lokale #AlltagsHelden unterstützen?

In diesem Prozess wollen wir ein Partner an Ihrer Seite sein.

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Polish language

Wirus w biznesie- wpływ pandemii na branżę meblową w Polsce

Czy chcesz wiedzieć jak branża meblarska w Polsce zareagowała na pandemię koronawirusa?

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Wirus w biznesie - wpływ pandemii na światową gospodarkę i branżę meblową

Czy chcesz wiedzieć jak gospodarka światowa zareagowała na pandemię COVID-19? Czy wiesz jak stosunki polityczne dwóch największych państw wpływają na polską branżę meblową?

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Croatian language

Povećajte produktivnost i besplatno testirajte Lectrine aplikacije u oblaku

Webinar je namijenjen Lectrinim korisnicima koji već koriste Modarisi / ili Diaminosoftverska rješenja. 




Romanian language

Realizați tipare rapid și eficient cu Modaris V8R2

Urmăriți acest webinar pentru a descoperi modul în care Modaris V8R2 în versiunile Clasic, Expert și 3D vă ajută să lucrați mai eficient