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Message from Daniel Harari, Lectra's Chairman & Chief Executive Officer




For the past few weeks, we have been living through an unprecedented and unpredictable situation due to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 throughout the world. As we all grapple with this global pandemic, Lectra is closely monitoring all developments to ensure the safety of our employees while still maintaining the level of service and support our customers have come to expect.


Caring for our employees

In line with the social distancing protocols established by national and international governments and organizations, Lectra has implemented a work-from-home policy in all concerned countries that allows our personnel to remain safe and productive. More than 80 dedicated factory staff continue to ensure the production and logistical flow of our solutions, while strictly adhering to established safety measures related to COVID-19.


Caring for our customers

Our production, shipping, reception, and parts and consumables departments are fully operational, therefore all deliveries will continue with no delay and no risk of parts or consumable shortages.

We remain accessible and ready to assist our customers via all of our usual communication touchpoints:

Our five call centers around the world are also open during their regular hours to assist customers with any questions they may have regarding their Lectra solutions. However if, due to a high volume of calls, customers are unable to speak to a call center representative, they can also contact the call center via email.

To minimize the disruption that the sudden implementation of work-from-home policies may cause, customers using Lectra software solutions remotely can contact their local call center in order to set up their software access and verify the configuration for work-from-home usage.  If, for any reason, it is not technically possible to configure this access, Lectra will work with the customer to find a suitable work-around.


Continuing technical support

Even though we must cancel most of our in-person events and training, we will continue to support our customers remotely. New online training sessions are being created that will help new users of Lectra software solutions get up and running quickly. For the safety of all involved, trainings scheduled before social distancing measures were put in place will be conducted remotely. Customers with previously scheduled trainings will be contacted by their Lectra representative to organize a remote training course.  

Predictive maintenance functionalities built in to our hardware solutions allow our technicians to troubleshoot and resolve remotely most of the issues or incidents that may arise so that companies can continue to function with minimum production disruptions.


Empowering our customers to contribute

Finally, we would like to highlight some of the amazing efforts that some of our customers have put forth to reorient their production apparatus to the manufacture of face masks and protective apparel. It is positive actions like this that will help protect medical personnel and others from this virus. Lectra welcomes the opportunity to aid any of our customers who would like to follow this example and divert some or all of their production towards the manufacturing of protective equipment.

We will continue to monitor the situation as it unfolds. Please feel free at any time to reach out with any questions or concerns.