Best practices

Lectra brings best practices to its customers.


The best practices included in Lectra’s offer are standards of operational efficiency. They enable Lectra experts to revamp a company’s entire design chain, product development and manufacturing base so it can obtain its strategic objectives.

Best practices need to be customized to respond to the specific demands of each business and market segment. Luxury brands lingerie and sport clothes do not have the same goals nor do they come up against the same difficulties. Their roles vary and require different solutions. Lectra’s experts are frequently called on to implement the best practices most adapted to their customers.

“Lectra’s focus on best practice and continuous improvement demonstrates that it fully understands the intrinsic challenges its customers face and offers solutions that go straight to the heart of their needs.”
Lasse Simonsen, CEO, Novotex, Denmark


Best practices start with Lectra’s machines. Embedded with intelligent sensors, they automatically emit a large amount of data. Lectra's experts analyze them to detect any decline in performance and to repair any malfunctions remotely. They also carry out predictive and preventive maintenance. Lectra customers can thus be assured that the equipment is performing optimally.

The indicators provided by the machines are also used to optimize the use of cutters. This reduces their total cost of ownership (TCO) and speeds up their return on investments (RoI). Data analysis can help Lectra customers change their way of working to rationalize their production process. That is what our Smart Services aim to achieve.

Lectra helps an increasing number of customers revamp their process by implementing organizational best practices.


Best practices have very large scope. They focus on the improvement of specific stages including ways to make the different cycles of the production chain – from creation to manufacturing – as efficient as possible.

In fashion and apparel, some companies are rethinking all or part of their business model in order to reposition themselves in an operating environment that is constantly evolving. Such large-scale initiatives require support in driving change based on best practices to ensure a project’s success. Lectra’s response is: A Model for Change.


Whether they rely on the intelligence of machines, are integrated into software or come in the form of benchmarks and expertise, best practices are at the heart of Lectra’s innovations. They contribute to the improvement of its customers’ operational efficiency by aligning their use of machines, their business process and their organization to the highest industry standards.

“We chose to expand our partnership with Lectra because they share our vision, in terms of development strategies and a commitment to innovation. Since our relationship with Lectra began in 2005, they have proven to be a valued advisor and their continually evolving technology, combined with their industry expertise, have been invaluable,”
Shen Jieliang, President, Kuangda, China