Lectra anticipates its customers’ needs

Constantly staying one step ahead of companies’ needs

LECTRA’S EXPERT ABILITY IN RECOGNIZING EVER EVOLVING MARKET CHANGES COMES FROM MORE THAN FORTY YEARS OF EXPERTISE DEVELOPED FOR THE BENEFIT OF ITS CUSTOMERS.Whatever their size or markets, Lectra’s customers are facing the same challenges: how to support their growth in a highly-competitive global environment, respond to a continually evolving demand, differentiate themselves by encouraging creativity, improve productivity, reduce costs and delivery times while guaranteeing quality. These are essential for constantly maintaining operational excellence and anticipating tomorrow’s changes.


Lectra’s services and solutions enable companies to automate and optimize creation, development and production. Lectra is constantly enhancing the value of its offer, based on its teams’ expertise in its customers’ industries as well as the technological progress of its latest generation solutions. Our leadership is bolstered by very significant investments made every year in research and development.


Projects assigned to Lectra aim not only to improve existing process but also to establish new ones, in particular by using lean methodologies. Lectra helps its customers drive change to minimize risk during any transformation project. Constantly retooled and highly reliable, modus operandi optimizes performance and speeds up decision making. Lectra trains collaborators in new process giving them more time to concentrate fully on their job while improving communication between teams and gaining in efficiency. Companies are thus better prepared to seize new growth opportunities.


Tomorrow’s value creation strategies are being created today. In fashion and apparel, Lectra has devised a value proposition entitled a Model for Change which supports customers wishing to undertake a transformation of all or part of their business model. Solutions and dedicated support give agility and control to ever complex modus operandi and at the same time help manage costs. They also enhance a brand’s creative capital.


A unique combination of consulting, expertise and innovation give companies the ability to reach their desired operational excellence as well as rethinking their business model. By developing long term relationships with its customers, Lectra keeps its customers one step ahead of the competition. This gives them the assurance to envisage the future with confidence.