Why pull production is the future for manufacturing

Pull production is the efficient and sustainable choice for manufacturing because it allows companies to respond better to customer demand. This method reduces waste and enhances responsiveness, making it ideal for the fashion and furniture industries.

A win-win production process

Pull production is the new trend in fashion and furniture manufacturing.

Driven by demand for personalization, sustainability, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

It is a win-win production process, benefiting both the environment and the bottom line. Pull production aligns fashion and furniture production with actual demand to reduce waste, improve material savings and meet consumer preferences for sustainable, personalized products.

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Pull vs Push: Manufacturing methods compared 

The key to achieving success in an environment shaped by increasing consumer demands for personalization and sustainability are overcoming the challenges of excessive stock, lack of agility, and limited control over production lines.

Pull production surpasses traditional manufacturing methods that use a push system.

Push systems depend on demand forecasts; an outdated method that poses significant efficiency challenges.

Brands and manufacturers relying on push systems can struggle to predict consumer preferences accurately. This inaccuracy often leads to excess inventory or stock shortages. 

Pull production facilitates a more agile workflow by providing companies with flexible manufacturing processes. This allows fashion and furniture manufacturers to produce what they need, when they need it. The resulting improvement in productivity enables greater: 

  • Reduction of lead time 
  • Reduction of carbon footprint 
  • Reduction of overproduction and inventory

Fashion on Demand by Lectra 

Fashion on Demand by Lectra leverages the latest advances in automation and digital technology to enhance efficiency, flexibility, and waste reduction for customized and made-to-measure clothing. Learn more about this on-demand solution for pull production and how it helps fashion manufacturers: 

  • Automate order processing 
  • Optimize material consumption  
  • Approach CSR objectives with certainty 


Furniture on Demand by Lectra 

Furniture on Demand by Lectra, is a new generation of connected and sustainable equipment that assists furniture manufacturers in reaching their sustainability goals. Explore how it enables pull production by improving process efficiency to: 

  • Minimize material consumption and waste 
  • Boost worker comfort and satisfaction 
  • Pursue CSR and sustainability goals with confidence  


Conclusion: Choose on-demand for pull production 

In conclusion, pull production emerges as the optimal and sustainable approach for fashion and furniture manufacturing.

By minimizing waste and enhancing responsiveness, it is an ideal choice for companies seeking to improve production capabilities and adapt quickly to changing consumer demands. 

On-demand technology, like Fashion on Demand by Lectra and Furniture on Demand by Lectra, are the best way to execute pull production. These solutions simplify the challenges of pull production, aiding companies in achieving their CSR goals and profitability targets.