Design and product development for car seats and interiors

Lectra solutions facilitate decision making by allowing better visualization of more style possibilities.


In order to manage the growing diversity of car seats and interiors, development cycles have to be ever shorter, meaning numerous iteration loops and multiple physical prototypes are no longer feasible. In addition to timing considerations, accurate costing assessments are critical at the design and development stage. Thanks to DesignConcept, Lectra’s complete design-to-cost and design-to-manufacture software solution, car parts suppliers can create, develop, evaluate costs and industrialize soft material parts for trim and seat covers.



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With more accurate information about fabric and leather consumption and sewing operations from the start, suppliers can respond quickly to requests for quotation (RFQs), adapt the designs to reach cost targets and control their cost structure in line with business objectives.

Lectra’s unique 3D design and costing solutions enable designers and managers to carry out rapid simulations of several design alternatives: they can see the effects on material and assembly costs even before manufacturing the first physical prototype. Sharing photo-realistic renderings permits effective communication of design intent for an even faster decision-making process. 



Physical prototypes are costly. Using simulation software drastically reduces their number. Design modifications, such as changes to overall dimensions or adjustments to certain elements, can be performed immediately at no extra cost. Material choices, accessories and sewing costs, as well as technical feasibility, can all be fine-tuned on-screen to determine the most viable options. The necessity for a physical prototype comes only after all cost factors have already been considered. No material, money or time is wasted creating numerous physical prototypes that will never go into production.



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To get products to market more quickly, it is especially important to be able to provide production teams with  accurate technical information. Lectra’s software solution quickly converts pattern data into sewing plans and assembly instructions. Once pattern makers and engineering mangagers have assessed the cost-effectiveness of these plans, DesignConcept generates all of the technical specifications needed for manufacturing, such as bills of material (BOMs), bills of labor (BOLs) and nesting instructions. Whenever modifications are made to pattern pieces, all related information is automatically updated. 



Marker making is a sensitive and critical part of the industrialization phase because it involves evaluating many different ‘what-if’ scenarios. Lectra’s automatic marker-making solution saves valuable time and material by automatically identifying optimal placement of pattern pieces for the most efficient use of fabric or leather. Our customers can thus quickly prepare and deliver the production package to the cutting room.


Change is inevitable in the fast-moving automtotive market. For many companies, however, overcoming resistance to change can pose a real issue. It is fundamental to ensure that teams are fully committed to the introduction of any new solution. Lectra consultants work closely with their customers to carry out a full diagnostic before drawing up a detailed change management project plan. Once the solution is in place, tailored training and support services ensure that the teams achieve and maintain desired levels of performance.



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