Leather cutting for car seats and interiors

Lectra solutions enhance process efficiency and effectiveness in the leather cutting room.

INCREASING CONSISTENCY, FLEXIBILITY AND SPEEDSeats are becoming more sophisticated and represent the second-largest outlay within the global cost of a car, even more so when they are upholstered in leather. Although the cost of leather is rising, car prices remain stable. As a result, automakers are becoming increasingly demanding with their leather parts suppliers. Making the most of expertise gained from working with leather professionals around the world, Lectra has developed the Versalis solution which optimizes the entire automotive leather seat cover and interiors manufacturing cycle. The result: maximized hide yield, enhanced productivity, reduced labor costs and consistent quality.


MANAGING COSTS With a computerized organization and cut preparation system, parts suppliers are in a better position to respond quickly to requests for quotations (RFQs) with competitive and profitable pricing. Lectra’s production simulation software allows them to anticipate production costs, accurately evaluate material consumption for new models and choose the most cost-effective hides supplier.


OPTIMIZING LEATHER USE With the continuing increase in hide prices and a tight supply situation, streamlined leather consumption is a must. Lectra’s powerful nesting software, coupled with Versalis’ cutting precision, enables suppliers to achieve substantial material savings. Using powerful nesting algorithms, the software generates, in seconds, the most efficient nesting, whatever the leather type and the model to be processed. Able to cut with no space between pieces, Versalis ensures a maximum of material savings without compromising on quality.

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STREAMLINING WORKFLOWSCutting time is the guiding force of the automotive production cycle. Optimization involves finding the perfect balance between each of the different work phases: they must progress smoothly without causing bottlenecks. Configured with a single conveyor, Versalis can manage four different hides, each at a different stage. Automatic conveyor advance leaves operators free to focus on tasks where they have the most value and guarantees continuous production.


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SUPPORTING CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Rapid identification of opportunities for improvement and implementation of action plans is essential to maintain competitiveness and profitability. Versalis generates individual productivity analysis reports, thus providing precise and reliable information tailored to companies’ key performance indicators (KPIs). Managers gain complete visibility over the entire process and can monitor quality, leather consumption and productivity.



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MAXIMIZING SYSTEM AVAILABILITY, ENSURING QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE Leather parts manufacturers need to be sure they have the ability to reach payback on their investment in the agreed time. Lectra’s specific project approach ensures teams are productive quickly, supported by a complete range of tailored training. Service contracts guarantee maximum system availability with constant monitoring, predictive and preventive maintenance, reporting and quality control, making Lectra the ideal choice to achieve operational excellence.



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