Fashion Technology: No Limit to What’s Next

What will fashion be capable of in the future? Could it be T-shirts made out of mold? Skin-like material that breathes? Protective armored dresses?
FashionTech event

The boundaries of design are slowly collapsing and creators are imagining, experimenting and projecting what tomorrow can bring.

The 4-day Wearable FashionTech Festival 2016 in Paris invited students, designers, brands and curious onlookers into the future of fashion and its limitless possibilities

Today, designers have the ability to communicate and build a completely different relationship with their consumers. The formula of what constitutes “good design” and “style” is being rewritten by, and for, a generation that literally has the world at their fingertips.

Like Living Organisms by Local Androids

The exhibit and roundtable discussions at the fashion tech festival demonstrated how technological advances are empowering designers, young and old, to take their ideas to the next level. The designs that were on display illustrated the role that 3D technology, new fabrics and smart design play in expanding the imagination and making fantasy a reality.

Herself Dress by Helen Storey & Tony Ryan

So, what will fashion look like in the future?

Our guess: mind-blowing.