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Get to Know… Céline Choussy-Bedouet, Chief Marketing Officer

In addition to the innovative mindset and entrepreneurial spirit, the people that work at Lectra are core and instrumental to its success.
A picture of Céline Choussy-Bedouet, Chief Marketing Officer.

And we’d like for you to get to know us a little better... What we each do, what we like, what we get excited about.

So take a seat, grab a tea and get to know our Chief Marketing Officer Céline Choussy-Bedouet. 


Why did you decide to gear your career towards marketing?

Marketing is a very wide and varied discipline that encompasses a very broad scope of activities: market analysis, customer understanding and competition knowledge, company strategy, definition of the offer (short and long term), demand creation and advertising, budget planning and management, performance analysis and ROI follow-up.

You name it, marketing has a say in it. This diversity of topics made me realize how exciting this world is. It is constantly moving and evolving.


How do you think the marketing industry, overall, has changed in the past 10 years?

There is no doubt that marketing has drastically changed with web 2.0 and now the digitalization of marketing processes, resources and tools. Social media, web and mobile marketing prevail now and which has led to it becoming very personal.

Today marketing is customized based on persona data, the “one size fits all” approach is finished. We want brands to talk to us as an individual with distinct tastes, needs and consumption behavior.


How do you think B2B marketing, and its perception, has changed in the past 10 years?

One big change is that B2B marketing is starting to resemble B2C marketing. In the past it was more about going to industry trade shows and creating brochures. Today we tend to talk to Business to Human rather than B2B or B2C because at the end of the day, we talk to a person with emotions, needs, perceptions.


What makes Lectra an interesting company to work for?

There are several interesting aspects about Lectra.

  • First, innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Investment in R&D is about 10% which is pretty amazing for a company of this size. The company has also invested a lot in marketing and communication (people and budget) in order to transform the company into a “marketing-driven” company.  
  • Second, the technology, whether it is equipment, software, services or consumables, is just amazing.  We can cover the full spectrum of our customer’s needs and deliver real benefits through the value chain, from the design and product development organization to the cutting room.
  • Lastly, and it is surely the most important part, people are Lectra are very passionate and enthusiastic. Every single person, during an event or a customer meeting, is impressed by the level of professionalism and expertise of our people. Working in such a positive and stimulating environment makes you grow daily.


What qualities do you think help Lectra stand out in the industry?

I think it is the constant need and will to do better, to be in the driver’s seat rather than the passengers. The entrepreneurship spirit of the management is also a key quality as they don’t take anything for granted.

It is in our DNA to always move forward and move to the next step, even if the step is huge. The financial performance is also very strong which also secures the investment of our customers. Essentially, Lectra is here to stay. :-)


What do you think is the next trend that will hit our industry?

Digitalization is definitely the trend across the organization: we aim to be efficient and automate a maximum of things in order to focus on value-added activities.

The customization of the marketing by persona is also very key: the time of “one size fits all” marketing is over. We need to consider each persona, individual as one single target and we need to customize our value proposition and way to talk to them in their individuality.

Finally, what we see is the end of the dichotomy between B2C and B2B. We are now all together in the “Business to Human” or “Human to Human” approach. This new way of thinking will dramatically change the way we approach marketing.


What do you like the most about your role as Marketing Director?

I live for the variety. Every day is a new challenge, with a new topic to discuss, dissect and make a decision. It is very diverse and requires different approach or skills depending on the topic. It makes me grow every day. In addition, I am particularly interested in the team wellness. 

It is a challenging mission to ensure that everyone in the team feels good about their roles. We spend a lot of time at work, so it is important that each of us feels that they belong to a team and have clear roles and responsibilities.


What do you like to do on your day(s) off, and why?

I have 2 little girls so they are my priority during my time off. They are super active so they drive the show: skateboarding, rollerblading, trampolining, movies, etc. You name it, I know and do it all. J  


If you did not pursue a career in marketing, what career path do you think you would have taken, and why?

Good question. I think I would probably have a career related to child care (attorney or child psychiatrist).


What is your favorite type of music?

I was raised with the 80s music so I have from time to time some nostalgic moments :-).  But these days I am more into Sia, 21pilots, Bruno Mars, Adele… pretty much anything pop rock.