Production and Cutting of Automotive Leather

In recent years the demand from the automotive industry for finished leather has increased and tanners are expected to match said demand, but how?
Plan of a car's interior

The answer lies with advanced technologies.

Advanced technologies such as automated cutting systems can help tanners modernize their processes and thus achieve overall efficiency gains in their operations. The change from a traditional, manual process to a digitalized, faster, way of working isn’t easy, but in order to address the needs of OEMs and their customers it is necessary.

New technology is a means to adapt much more quickly to changes that OEMS are making to their offers as they tailor their products to the needs and tastes of different markets around the world, on an increasingly individual level. With this extra demand comes the responsibility to deliver not just extra leather, but also added responsiveness, variation and accuracy.

In our white paper Production and Cutting of Automotive Leather, we discuss the state of the leather industry today, the demands of OEMS and how advanced technologies can help tanners not just meet but exceed expectations.

To learn more, download and read our full white paper here.