Innovation at the heart of Lectra Academy

In 2016, Lectra Academy won a U-Spring award for the best corporate ‘university’ in France. Corinne Fabbro reflects on the characteristics that earned Lectra Academy the prize.



What innovative teaching methods does Lectra Academy use?
We keep a constant eye on innovation in the world of education. We analyze new concepts and tools, test them, and adopt them if they suit our needs. This was how we came to introduce games into our seminars, launch flipped classrooms (where the lesson content is provided in advance of classroom training), and develop numerous remote learning courses to make training easier to access and extend it to as many people as possible.
What percentage of training is remote?
Currently training is totally or partially remote 15% of the time in France and 45% in our subsidiaries. We prefer digital tools: to accompany the launch of minor changes to our offer; to increase our teams' knowledge of a particular market or sector, customer processes or our product offer; to teach how to use internal applications such as Salesforce, the tool that calculates return on investment for the solutions recommended to our customers, and other desktop tools; and to prepare participants for classroom training by making sure they all begin with the same level of knowledge. Such preparation also means more time spent on role play, practical exercises and resolving customer case studies.
How does Lectra Academy use digital tools?
Three people develop remote learning modules by adapting them specifically to Lectra's requirements. These modules are published on our e-learning platform, which offers many opportunities for discussion: including forums, knowledge-sharing, assessments. At the moment, we are focusing our efforts on small private online courses (SPOCs). The first module will be designed for our consultants.
What are Lectra Academy's development plans for the near future?
We are working on two areas with the marketing and commercial teams. The first is to accelerate the digitalization of our training offer, with more online courses. Self-study is a better way to disseminate knowledge and expertise, but also to tailor training more closely to each individual's needs. The second is to create and run a community of internal experts who constantly share best practices, develop new tools and teaching materials, and train local representatives to support our teams at the end of training courses.

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