Lectra Academy

Lectra ensures integration and invests in the development of talents


Experience, professional know-how, motivation, a team spirit and working in project mode are key assets when joining Lectra. Because its employees’ expertise is its main strength, Lectra promotes skill development. 


Located in Bordeaux-Cestas, Lectra Academy is our global internal training center. Its mission is to transmit the company’s culture and values and to train and develop our employees’ careers. 





Depending on your role, your missions and responsibilities, a specific plan will jump start your professional career at the company. Lectra Academy will provide you with personalized training and coaching from subsidiary and HQ managers along with the support of our best global experts. Team spirit is strong at Lectra and encourages the sharing of our culture of excellence.


All along your career, Lectra Academy will provide you with a range of different training. Its teams work directly with human resources and the managers of every department and subsidiary to establish training courses adapted to the specificities of each person’s different profession and responsibilities. Lectra experts and external trainers organize and lead seminars. 



"Thanks to Lectra’s coaching, I structure my interactions with customers in a way that helps me go the extra mile in my work with them. The training is a real gold mine!"

Annie, consultant, France

The growing development of games and interactive workshops during corporate training is an important trend. It encourages interaction between participants and boosts learning while strengthening motivation and commitment. 


Today, training also takes on a digital flavor. Videos, lectures, coaching, e-learning ... We offer our employees in every country ways that will allow them to build their own training experience, as they please, throughout the world, in their own time.