Lectra Academy, a new vision for training

Lectra makes a priority of enriching the knowledge and skills of its teams. In 2005, the company set up Lectra Academy to support the development of its talent. All of the group's 1,550 employees, from every country and profession, benefit from Lectra Academy, a superb team led by Corinne Fabbro.

Who runs Lectra Academy?
A small team, consisting of training managers, multimedia designers, and a logistics manager, runs training for all business areas at Lectra. In addition, around a hundred contributors within Lectra (experts in particular business sectors, managers, etc.) play an active role in designing and delivering the training. Depending on the subject, external consultants sometimes reinforce in-house trainers.
What are the challenges for Lectra Academy?
Our role is to support the group's strategy by providing induction training to new talent and by helping teams to achieve their objectives. Our programs help them to develop the business skills necessary to keep in step with changes in our environment and technologies.
To do this, our budget is 3% of the group's payroll costs, equal to €3.2 million in 2016. Over 1,020 employees, or 64% of our workforce, were able to take at least one training course last year. We also receive support from all of the group's management teams.
What kind of training does Lectra Academy organize?
Our priorities are guided by the marketing teams, who aim to provide Lectra's teams with the means to develop their knowledge of our markets and customers and to become familiar with our offer, our value proposition, our commercial approach – especially consultative selling – and the deployment of our solutions. Together we decide the most suitable training for what each team has to achieve.
To support change, we also help improve the teams' wider knowledge.. This includes acquiring new skills, for example new technologies for the R&D teams or regulatory changes for the purchasing department, as well as developing existing skills, such as agile management of cross-disciplinary teams.

How do you welcome new talent?
We take particular care for the induction of new staff. Soon after they arrive, new employees are invited to a Lectra Together seminar, held every two months at Bordeaux-Cestas. They spend three to five days familiarizing themselves with Lectra's culture, values, strategy, and markets. The team-building works wonders: our staff always have very happy memories of the event and develop close ties with other newcomers at the same event.
What makes you stand out from other corporate academies?
Our nimbleness. We are constantly looking ahead, which enables us to develop or adapt training reallyquickly to new requirements. The teams appreciate this responsiveness. In terms of our tools, we are constantly innovating to make our training original, interactive and captivating to facilitate the acquisition of new skills.


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