Lectra Academy, tuned into the needs of the teams

Corinne Fabbro, who heads Lectra Academy, explains how Lectra designs increasingly personalized training courses. The aim is twofold: to support Lectra's 4.0 strategy while addressing the specific needs of each team within that context.

On what criteria does Lectra Academy base a training plan?
The training plan is created in consultation with the managers and is built around the challenges associated with Lectra's strategy and the knowledge and skill development needs of the teams. It is primarily a response to the needs associated with sales enablement and the launch of new offers.
But it also aims to ensure continuous knowledge improvement and to provide support to develop new skills and to enter new business areas – something that is relevant to all job profiles within Lectra. The training plan must not only ensure everyone throughout the group has the same knowledge and expertise, but also adapt certain content to local contexts and the level of participants.
How have you progressed towards individual training?
Our approach is the opposite of mass training. It consists of personalizing the training as much as possible and adapting it to each profile to take account professional experience and diverse skill levels.
New digital tools make it easier for us to personalize our training courses. But that's not all. Increasingly we are focusing on mixing practical training visits to customers, training on software, online testing, etc. In parallel, there are systems that encourage teams to share with one another through, for example, advice, feedback and encouragement. With some training courses, representatives help participants to reflect on, and improve, their own practices.

What does the new remote learning platform offer?
As well as publishing content, the new platform also offers collaborative tools. For example, you can accurately assess your level of knowledge, and exchange information with experts in particular business sectors. We are also preparing for the development of small private online courses (SPOCs) developed internally to create learning pathways adapted to each job profile. Our first SPOC will be launched in 2017!

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