Lectra’s values

A strong corporate culture built on five core values and shared by all employees


Open-minded and dynamic, Lectra’s corporate culture has forged a strong group identity, attuned to the evolution of its customers, its markets and their macro economic cycles. 


Forty years after it was created, Lectra has retained its fundamentally entrepreneurial spirit and is constantly reinventing itself to build its future.


Number one worldwide, Lectra always strives to go one step further and anticipate the needs of its customers. An aspiration shared by all Lectra teams.  

“The relationship with customers is particularly rewarding on transnational projects.”

Christine, project leader.


Lectra has made its passion for innovation the driving force behind its competitiveness. Its technologies stem from its capacity to anticipate change and its expertise in its customers’ businesses.


Lectra's teams are constantly focused on achieving excellence and implementing best practices in all areas every day.

“The secret behind achieving excellence in this role lies, above all, in being a good listener to customers.”

Myriam, software support.


Lectra builds relationships with customers based on trust in order to support their strategic drive for competitiveness. Customer loyalty is rooted in the proficiency, responsiveness and proximity of its services teams, as well as its exigency to satisfy them.

“We can depend on Lectra’s call center experts, on-site maintenance engineers and Lectra’s professional services teams at any time.”

Leif-Jarle Aure, technical director, Ekornes

Business ethics and diversity: essential genes in Lectra’s DNA.

Lectra is fully committed to uncompromising ethics in conducting business. Diversity and respect for each individual have been Lectra's most fundamental features since its very beginning and extend well beyond barring discrimination of any sort.
Lectra’s teams operate in 35 countries and represent 50 different nationalities. They work side by side every day, drawing enhanced creativity and dynamism from their differences. Women account for 30% of the Group management team. With equivalent compensation for men and women, workplace gender equality and equal pay are a reality for Lectra.