Why join Lectra ?

At Lectra, diversity and rigour go together. Olivier Lavictoire, director of international human resources at Lectra.


What type of international roles is Lectra looking for?

A wide variety of positions but mostly for sales people and consultants. A large chunk of Lectra’s success is linked to their expertise: their knowledge of our solutions, our customers and processes… 

We are also looking for candidates for our customer services: technicians in the field and experts at our call centers. Whatever the role, Lectra expects precision. Our five values – entrepreneurship, leadership, excellence, innovation and customer care – perfectly reflect the qualities we are looking for in our candidates. In addition, fluent English is required for all of the roles to ensure strong communication.

Lectra is a welcoming company – our customers often underline this, and our collaborators value this on numerous occasions!

Olivier Lavictoire
Director of international human resources at Lectra.

Why work for Lectra?

Firstly, because Lectra is a truly international company: at any moment in time, something is happening, somewhere at Lectra. We offer our collaborators rich, multi-cultural experiences. Over 50 nationalities make up our 34 subsidiaries, which combined generate 93% of our annual turnover. We are also a young company - 39% of our collaborators are under 40 years old.

In addition, Lectra is characterized by the extent of our investments in two areas: innovation and people. With the clear aim to prevail as a high-technology company, ahead of the sector, innovation is core to our development. In the past ten years we have invested 9% of our turnover in R&D. Lectra also provides the means to train collaborators and to nurture their skills.

This results in a high-level of expertise and a desire to stay at Lectra: the average length of time spent at our company is 12 years! We also benefit from solid, financial health and a long-term strategy. All these elements contribute towards our continued growth. And working for the leader in its sector is always motivating! 

How do you support collaborators?

New arrivals attend an integration seminar called Lectra Together, which takes place on our Cestas campus, in the wine region of Bordeaux.

The seminar enables our collaborators to learn all about Lectra’s offer, our strategy, the organisation, and the company culture. Attendees also have a great opportunity to start weaving a network with colleagues from all over the world. In addition, there are also local initiatives.

Lectra is a welcoming company – our customers often underline this, and our collaborators value this on numerous occasions.