Why join Lectra Central and Eastern Europe and Russia?

Britta Muylaert, HR business partner, Lectra Central and Eastern Europe and Russia (CEER)

Britta, what differentiates Lectra from other high-tech companies?

Lectra can boast with deep expertise and more than 40 years of experience in the businesses of its fashion, apparel, automotive and furniture customers. Our capacity to combine equipment, software and services is unparalleled. We reached this enviable position thanks to strong financial fundamentals, a stable shareholder structure and, last but not least, significant investments in R&D and skills development.

What drives candidates towards Lectra CEER?

Lectra’s CEER team will soon reach 100 employees – out of 1,700 globally – and operates in more than 20 countries. Candidates appreciate working in a multicultural environment that creates a great place to work. They can also identify with our strong corporate culture that is built onfour values – Caring, Committed, Insightful, Visionary. And it is a great time to do so, with the launch of the Lectra 4.0 strategy! 

"We are looking for senior, experienced candidates with soft skills who make a good fit with the rest of the team."

Britta Muylaert, HR business partner, Lectra Central and Eastern Europe and Russia (CEER)

What profiles are you hiring most at the moment?

We have open positions, for example in sales and professional services. Lectra offers its customers a considerable competitive advantage thanks to a winning formula combining state-of-the-art technology and a deep understanding of customers’ needs. To reach our ambitious goals in CEER, we all work closely together, sharing information and experience. Therefore, it is very important that the new talent is also an ambitious team player.

How do you help new talent feel at home at Lectra?

At Lectra CEER, we place great emphasis on facilitating a smooth and fast integration for every new employee. Orientation and training are essential parts of our onboarding process, as well as a comprehensive immersion into the corporate culture.

First, Lectra invites all new employees to a Lectra Together seminar in Bordeaux-Cestas, where they get familiar with the company’s history, corporate culture, strategy and solutions. It is a great opportunity to network with new colleagues from Lectra’s headquarters and subsidiaries all over the world.

Back in CEER, the new talent is accompanied during the first six months with an individual orientation plan elaborated with their manager, their mentor and the HR department. Mentors are experienced Lectra employees who work in the same field as their mentees. Their task is to guide new colleagues through their first days of work and until the end of the trial period.

Actually, making candidates feel at home starts even earlier, during the recruitment process. In a city like Munich, where there is full employment and candidates can choose their employers, first impressions count, so we strive to make our work environment visible, efficient, engaging and productive. Everyone at Lectra helps to make new hires feel welcome and inspired.