Why join Lectra North America?

Chloé Jobard, Human Resources Business Partner, Americas, Spain & Portugal

Chloé, what should candidates know about Lectra?
Candidates often ask me what I like most about Lectra. The first is that Lectra is a multinational company. In Atlanta, people can walk from their offices to the call center for example, and see colleagues from Africa, Cuba, Mexico and Germany – to name just a few – coming together to solve a customer issue. I believe that such a multicultural environment foster exchange of ideas.

Another appealing feature is that Lectra is an extremely innovative high tech company, always looking for ways to improve our offer and to stay in front of the competition by being the subject matter experts in the industries that we serve.

Last but not least, Lectra North America has a very strong executive management team in place, coming mainly from backgrounds specific to our business. The President, Jason Adams, is very good at encouraging collaboration among a very close-knit community, while driving the business.  

“Another appealing feature is that Lectra is an extremely innovative high tech company, always looking for ways to improve our offer.”

Chloé Jobard, Human Resources Business Partner
Americas, Spain & Portugal

What positions are you hiring most at the moment?
In addition to bilingual support, marketing and administration roles, our biggest needs at the moment are in pre-sales and professional services. We have several open positions right now in that area. These profiles know our customers’ environment and will be able to explain to the customer how Lectra’s expertise and solutions can improve their business processes. They will be in the forefront to understand the customers’ needs and even bring to their attention areas to improve that they might not be aware of. This makes it very beneficial for all.

What is Lectra North America’s onboarding process?
Lectra has a pretty robust onboarding program, both in North American and in France and we are looking for ways to improve it. All of our new team members participate in a two-to-five-day orientation event in Atlanta to discover more about Lectra, learn our solutions, know who the leads are and the people they will interact with the most.

Then I tell candidates to get their passport ready because they’ll get to go in France, which they always are excited about! They attend a Lectra Together seminar in Bordeaux-Cestas for three days where they can get to know more in-depth who we are as a global company, start building the global Lectra network and get more hands-on presentations of our solutions and strategies. Sales, marketing and professional services team members stay an extra week to become entirely familiar with Lectra’s customer value proposition and customer relationship process.

There is a lot of dialogue and communication within Lectra, and this is partly due to this comprehensive introduction into Lectra’s world and people getting to know each other and who they will partner with for success early on in their career with Lectra.