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“From our point of view, Lectra is the only company that can provide the cutting accuracy, and also the cutting quality to fulfill our customer requirements.”

By replacing its existing fabric-cutting equipment with a Lectra VectorAuto iX6, interior components supplier BOS Automotive significantly improved its cutting line performance, eliminating a work shift.

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MARKETInterior components

LOCATIONKlášterec, Czech Republic


To keep up with the changing requirements of an expanded product range and thriving armrest business, interior components supplier BOS Automotive decided to replace its existing fabric-cutting equipment with a Lectra VectorAuto iX6. 


With a cutting speed 30% faster than the previous machine, the high-capacity VectorAuto iX6 fabric-cutting solution achieved greater output, enabling the plant to eliminate a cutting line work shift. Downtime has also been reduced significantly due to the high precision of the solution’s 2x7mm blade, which can cut up to 6cm of material. 

Customer Story - BOS Automotive

“The reason for choosing the Vector iX6 was that we could see the advantages for the product field we have now in Klášterec.”

Jan Alber, Industrial Engineering Manager, BOS Automotive


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