“With Modaris Expert, we can detect and remove defects as we go during product development, reducing the time it takes to go from test garment to production.”

Fashion company GGZ produces over two million pieces annually and is present in 150 countries. The Italian manufacturer recently worked with Lectra to streamline its patternmaking process, in response to new challenges it was facing in the fast-fashion marketplace.

  • GGZ Customer Story
    GGZ uses Modaris Expert automated patternmaking software to speed up and streamline their product development process, which gives them the agility they need compete in the fast-fashion marketplace.






Known for high-quality wool and cashmere blends that stand the test of time, GGZ services over 2,000 international clients, in addition to producing collections for its fast-fashion label, Vicolo, and its womenswear brand, Solotre. The Italian company needed to increase its production output and diversify styles without sacrificing quality, so that it could compete in the fast-fashion marketplace and expand internationally.


GGZ adopted Lectra’s Modaris Expert patternmaking software and replaced its manual process with a fully automated product development process. The change streamlined the company’s workflow and allowed for clearer communication between pattern development teams, saving time and giving it the agility it needed to be a serious fast-fashion player. With product development running more smoothly, GGZ was able to successfully introduce Vicolo to the French, Dutch and Danish markets.

GGZ Customer Story

”Modaris Expert allows us to perform better under increasingly tighter deadlines, so that we can keep up with fashion trends.”

Nicoletta Stona, Patternmaking Manager, GGZ


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    Lectra's pattern making solution.

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