GKN Aerospace

“We use Lectra cutting machines for cutting single-stack woven materials and their marker-making for advanced nesting, which helps us lower material wastage”

GKN Aerospace is a first tier supplier to the global aviation industry, working on every major fixed and rotary-wing platform. Leaders in composite and metallic technologies, they focus equally on military and civil markets.


Supplier to the global aviation industry


United Kingdom


As composites have become an in-demand solution for better performance and lower emissions, GKN Aerospace at Cowes needed to meet increasing demand and control costs without compromising on quality. With some composite material cutting done by hand and some using ultrasonic technology, the processes at GKN Aerospace’s Cowes site had been largely labor-intensive.


As part of their “Lean Manufacturing” program aimed at increasing sustainability and efficiency in all areas of the business - including reducing energy consumption, process time, and material waste - GKN Aerospace - Cowes turned to Lectra to take advantage of their expertise in the field, as well as their existing experience with GKN Aerospace, having accompanied the firm in their strategy and growth over the past 15 years.

Peter Steen, Value Stream Manager Composite Logistic

"We get increased reliability and greater productivity with these latest-generation Vector cutters."

Peter Steen,
Value Stream Manager Composite Logistic


  • Design

    Prototyping, costing, and product development.

    All manufacturing costs are fully controlled through real-time alterations and optimizations in 2D and 3D.

  • Pre-production

    Fabric savings, increased productivity.

    Facilitates marker creation for a wide variety of garments and fabrics, delivering consistently high efficiency.

  • Fabric cutting room

    Powerful, intelligent response to the needs of industrial manufacturers

    Ability to improve flexibility, reduce production costs through optimized material consumption and ensure consistent quality.

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