Maxwell Industries

“We’ve seen more than a 5% drop in fabric consumption, thanks to Lectra. We can also more accurately predict what resources we will need, which helps us better plan for production.”

Based in Mumbai, India, Maxwell Industries designs, manufactures and retails affordable, quality undergarments for men, women and children. The company produces over 37 million pieces a year for brands such as VIP Innerwear, Frenchie, Frenchie X and VIP Feeling. Approximately 70% of its product is destined for more than 110,000 points of sale in the local market, including the company’s own-name stores, while the remaining 30% is exported to other countries.

  • A household name for quality underwear in India, Maxwell Industries enlisted Lectra’s help in updating their product development and production processes with automated cutting machines and fashion-dedicated software.


Undergarments for men, women and children


Mumbai, India


Maxwell Industries wanted to expand its presence in India and its two other main markets: Africa and the Middle East.To do this, it needed to replace its partially-outsourced, manual process with an automated lean pre-production process that would streamline operations and reduce costs, without sacrificing the quality on which the company had built its reputation.
SolutionAfter conducting an in-depth analysis, Lectra experts worked with the company to create a customized action plan that would allow them to move all their cutting in-house and automate certain aspects of development and production.
Once the changes had been made, the company was able to speed up its development process, reduce its fabric consumption by 5% and, thanks to fewer errors, produce a better quality product. This gave Maxwell the agility it needed to pursue its goals for expansion.

Maxwell - Lectra

“We outlined our specific challenges in production, pattern and marker making, and Lectra helped us address and find solutions for each one.”

Kapil Pathare, Director


  • Pre-production

    Fabric savings, increased productivity.

    Facilitates marker creation for a wide variety of garments and fabrics, delivering consistently high efficiency.

  • Product devolopment

    Lectra's pattern making solution.

    Developed to meet industry demands for shorter lead times, perfect fit, and streamlined development.

  • Fabric cutting room

    Cutting-room optimization solution.

    Facilitates the flow of information and optimizes markers, spreading and cutting operations.

  • Fabric cutting

    Ultimate automated cutting investment.

    Unprecedented uptime, improved speed, enduring reliability and optimized efficiency with the reassurance of a unique support infrastructure.

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