“With an internal Versalis cutting room, we gain control over hide consumption and operating costs while ensuring that the quality of cut pieces will satisfy even the most demanding customers.”

Miti designed and assembled products in-house and subcontracted the leather cutting. However, outsourcing leather cutting resulted in a loss of control over quality and material consumption which, given the high quality of the hides, was very costly. These issues spurred Miti’s management team to consider overhauling its production processes to include leather cutting. The results of automatic nesting tests and Versalis’ high cut quality convinced Miti executives of the value a Versalis cutting room would bring.

  • Customer Story - Miti
    Miti takes control of leather cutting with Versalis




Farra di Soligo, Italy


Miti wanted to   gain control over hide consumption, reduce operational costs and ensure the quality of cut pieces by incorporating leather cutting into the in-house production process.

Solution Lectra proposed the Versalis® automated leather-cutting solution, which enables the company to meet tight deadlines, ensure maximum hide efficiency and high quality cut pieces.

Customer Story - Miti

“The success of such an ambitious project is based not only on having the best technology; we also wanted a partner that would remain at our side throughout this transformation. Lectra was the ideal choice.”

Roberto Poloni, CEO


  • Leather cutting room

    Flaw identification ensures high quality.

    Hides can be marked, scanned, nested, cut and offloaded in parallel, while automatic nesting ensures that they are used as efficiently as possible.

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