Toyota Boshoku

"The accuracy is unbelievable. We are able to perform tight radius... We obtain excellent results, no matter what we’re cutting."

Toyota Boshoku America is a leading supplier of automotive interior systems and filters. The company produces complete systems that include seats, door trim, ceiling material, and carpeting.




Novi, Michigan,


As manufacturers seek to meet customers’ demands for quiet, comfortable, stylish interiors, seat systems have become complex and more difficult to manufacture. New features such as adjustable bottom seat cushions, occupant detection systems, seat heating and cooling systems, and advanced entertainment systems are now built into seats.


As Toyota Boshoku America seeks to continuously improve its development processes, it looked for a cutting solution that would enable engineers to accelerate prototyping and ensure that the patterns developed would work the same in production as they did in prototyping.

Jon Gill, Lead Engineer

“From initial prototyping to production, [Vector] delivers the best accuracy on the market.”

Jon Gill,
Lead Engineer


  • Fabric cutting room

    Fully dedicated to flexible production.

    Allows companies to cope with their small to medium-run production needs.

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