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Amsterdam Fashion Institute

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AMFI is one of the first schools to integrate 3D technology in a complete fashion curriculum that combines creative innovation with highly-refined technical expertise.

Dedicated to fashion, AMFI offers a rich curriculum that exposes students to the constraints of the fashion industry through projects such as iNDiViDUALS, the school’s own fashion label.

AMFI has a long history of digital pattern making and turned to Lectra after searching for a 3D prototyping tool. They began teaching Lectra’s pattern making solution Modarisin 2007, and progressively introduced the 3D component that is now central to their curriculum.

When students begin to work with Modaris, the benefits of digital pattern making and prototyping become immediately apparent.

“The benefits of Lectra’s 3D are enormous, for the students they can see how their designs are going to actually work in reality. And they learn so much from that about precision, and attention to detail”

Leslie Holden

Head of Fashion & Design at AMFI

Some clothes on hangers.

“For students, 3D virtual prototyping is an excellent way to gain insight into pattern construction and how fabric drape affects the hang and fit of a garment. It provides a fast way to alter designs, and place and visualize prints,” explains Ineke Siersema, lecturer in 3DVP, visualization, and pattern cutting.

The school uses Lectra’s design, pattern making and 3D prototyping solutions. These make up an important part of several courses and projects such as the schools own brand “Individuals” and the “Denim Minor”, which are explored in the videos on this page.


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