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GCU has been a Lectra partner for over 20 years. The University originally chose Lectra because of its design solution, Kaledo. GCU have now expanded their use of technology to also include pattern design and marker making from Lectra to uniquely position their graduating students.

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Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) prides itself on its rich Scottish heritage and its contribution to fashion through its pioneering courses.

The University’s Department of Business Management comprises a unique combination of business expertise and academic competences and offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in fashion business and international fashion branding.

Students use Kaledo to create prints as well as to develop their portfolios. They also capitalize on this solution to create their brand universe and all the elements which highlight their aesthetic.

The University has also now integrated Lectra 3D into the curriculum to support the growing industry trend towards 3D as a virtual prototyping tool, and is expanding its facilities to include an additional CAD room.

“Lectra is enabling students to tell the whole story from design to product development to visual.”

Carol Barry

Teaches pattern cutting, garment construction and industry studies at GCU

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