Situated in Milan, the heart of Italian fashion, NABA has a strong geographical advantage and is well-connected to the industry’s movers and shakers, be it manufacturers or luxury brands. This led to NABA’s decision to adopt Modaris and Diamino in 2014, as companies specifically demand that students be well-versed in Lectra’s pattern- and marker making solutions.

A model on the catwalk.

The NABA Nuova Accademia Di Belle Arti Milano, founded in 1980, is a leading design school in Italy.

The Milanese school’s strong sense of identity is rooted in its theoretical and anthropological approach to fashion with a twist of Italian know-how. NABA has an extremely international student body and delivers courses in both English and Italian.

Despite having only recently been a partner of Lectra, NABA is already making its solutions second nature to students. “While we have a very unique fine-art take on fashion, it is just as important to adapt that to the needs of the industry.

Lectra corner

"Lectra’s solutions are indispensible in that respect”

Colomba Leddi

Course Leader of the school’s B.A program

Besides teaching Lectra to students during the first two years of the fashion program, NABA has also established a “Lectra corner”.

Resembling a small studio, the fully equipped space is reserved for students who want to further hone their Modaris and Diamino skills. “When the students master Lectra, they gain a very specific set of skills which are key to creating successful collections. Equipped with this irreplaceable skill set, our students will be able to stand out in the industry,” says Professor Chiara Panigada, who teaches a CAD course titled “Digital Technologies and Applications” at NABA.

A model on the catwalk.


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