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NCSU uses Lectra’s full line of apparel solutions –from design to production, and including the use of the PLM which means students gain invaluable hands-on experience from fiber to the production of the finished product.

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North Carolina State University is the largest university-based textile school in the United States.

It annually awards about half of the country’s bach¬elor’s degrees and 75 percent of the country’s advanced degrees in textiles. NCSU is committed to giving students the most up-to-date textile and fash¬ion education possible with a strong focus on current industry process and a grounding in science.

NCSU is one of the few schools to recreate the apparel development process on cam¬pus from design to production, including management and marketing. The university has 80 seats of Lectra’s full range of apparel development solutions allowing students to sketch, create boards, design knit, print, and woven textiles, develop accurate patterns and 3D prototypes and carry out pre-cost¬ing. Students can even create markers and cut with a Lectra Vector cutting solution.

A model on the catwalk.

“At NCSU we strive to teach the latest design tools and methodologies. This is the reason why we have chosen to sign a partnership with Lectra, which allows our  students to benefit from the best technologies and acquire a solid expertise for a successful career” 

Professor Trevor Little


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