2022 US Furniture Economic Review

45 minutes

Dr. Chris Kuehl, an economist and strategist, will be presenting his insights on inflation, supply chain, labor and digitalization in a live webinar hosted by Lectra.

Inflation remains highly volatile, the supply chain is still unreliable, eCommerce continues to grow, and furniture manufacturers are still experiencing backlogs. Labor shortages have created slowdowns and temporary production closures. The furniture industry is having a hard time keeping up with this new cycle and volumes.

Dr. Chris Kuehl, Economist & Heather Corrigan, Furniture Marketing Manager

    Dr. Chris Kuehl, economist, will be sharing how major economic changes have been shaping the industry. Chris will look ahead and provide some insight on what to look for next - positive and negative.

    Heather Corrigan, Furniture Marketing Manager for Lectra, will join Chris to talk about some of the new technologies transforming manufacturing and discuss how some manufacturers and retailers are turning to digitalization and integration to help reduce today’s economic pressures.

    On behalf of Lectra, join us for an insightful conversation with Futurist and Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl and Heather Corrigan, Furniture Marketing Manager.

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