ASBCI: BEYOND 2020 - Survival of the Smartest

11:00AM - 4PM (CET) / 10:00AM - 3:00PM (UK)

ASBCI BEYOND 2020 - Survival of the Smartest

This event is organised by the ASBCI (Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry) with partner Lectra.

After a year of seismic change, the ASBCI presents the third and final event in our series focused on the future of the fashion industry. 

As Covid-19 continues to cause disruption around the globe, and the threat of a climate crisis looms ever closer, smartification has become the watchword of a new era. This is not just about adopting the latest technologies and accelerating the digitalisation of the whole supply chain, it is also about adopting a new mindset and a reassessment of traditional ways of working.

encThe businesses that survive and thrive in the post-Covid era will be those that can adapt to the rapidly changing ‘new normal’. But it goes beyond the immediate pandemic response. Smartification requires businesses to adopt more agile ways of working, to be prepared to try new things, quickly, and to invest in the people, skills, and technologies that will deliver long-term business resilie.

Beyond 2020: Survival of the Smartest will bring together experts from across the supply chain to discuss a route to a smarter future for the fashion industry.


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