ASBCI: BEYOND 2020 - Survival of the Smartest

11:00AM - 4PM (CET) / 10:00AM - 3:00PM (UK)

ASBCI BEYOND 2020 - Survival of the Smartest

This event is organised by the ASBCI (Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry) with partner Lectra.

After a year of seismic change, the ASBCI presents the third and final event in our series focused on the future of the fashion industry. 

As Covid-19 continues to cause disruption around the globe, and the threat of a climate crisis looms ever closer, smartification has become the watchword of a new era. This is not just about adopting the latest technologies and accelerating the digitalisation of the whole supply chain, it is also about adopting a new mindset and a reassessment of traditional ways of working.

The businesses that survive and thrive in the post-Covid era will be those that can adapt to the rapidly changing ‘new normal’. But it goes beyond the immediate pandemic response. Smartification requires businesses to adopt more agile ways of working, to be prepared to try new things, quickly, and to invest in the people, skills, and technologies that will deliver long-term business resilience.

Beyond 2020: Survival of the Smartest will bring together experts from across the supply chain to discuss a route to a smarter future for the fashion industry.


Morning sessions starting 10:00am (UK time):

Introduction & Welcome  Dr. Julie King (ASBCI Event Director / Deputy Dean, University of South Wales)

Smartification for Survival — Marcella Wartenbergh (CEO, Pepe Jeans) & Ton Weidenhoff (Executive Director, Alvanon)

Smartification, what is it? How does it differ from pre-pandemic ‘work smarter concepts’? What should organisations within the industry be doing now to ‘smartify’ their businesses? Where are Pepe currently in their smartification journey? What will happen if the industry as a whole doesn’t embrace ‘smartification’?

Supply Chain Innovation in an Age of Disruption — Ed Gribbin

How does the fashion industry respond to the climate crisis and the chaos of Covid? What are intelligent supply chains and how do businesses leverage the latest technologies to future proof their operations into the next decade and beyond?

Smart Sourcing and the New Manufacturing Recovery — Jenny Holloway (Fashion Enter)

‘Smart Sourcing‘ to cover fast, flexible, sustainable local sourcing angle and the importance of partnerships, the role of UK manufacture in post-Brexit Britain, and the technologies that can deliver this. Elaborate on the (real) tangible cost, flexible response and sustainability benefits of sourcing in the UK as well as the challenges to overcome in order to achieve this.               

The Digital Journey & On-Demand Production — Steffen Meiler (Sales Director Fashion Manufacturing Northern and Eastern Europe, Lectra) 

EVERY SINGLE fashion company knows it: there's a 'new normal' to keep up with beyond 2020. But not all know where to start, how close (or far) they are from 'smartification'. From digital fabric catalogues to new KPIs for the remote workforce, we'll take a look at fashion on demand, the new cutting room and a checklist of technological capabilities ensuring the 'survival of the smartest'.

Q&A / Panel Discussion All morning speakers, moderated by Dr Julie King

12:00-13:00pm   Break

Afternoon sessions starting 1:00pm (UK time):

Introduction & Welcome  Dr. Julie King

The New Consumer —  Andrew Nicholson (Kulea)

The consumer perspective – changing consumer behaviour online and what it means for retailers.

The Online Retailer Perspective — Frazer Mead (The Very Group)

How has the online retailer felt the impact of the change in consumer behaviour? How have they capitalised and adapted to fulfil the increase in online demand and change in what people are buying? With non-essential retail opening up over the coming months, how are they going to ‘smartify’ / continue to ‘smartify’ their operations in the future to ensure continued success and growth?  – Changes in technology? Focus on Skills? Supply chain improvements? Changes in Sourcing strategy? Customer service improvements?

Intelligent Supply Chains post-Covid Stuart Greenfield (Sales Director, Advanced Supply Chain Group) & David Flavell (Head of Inbound Supply Chain, ASOS)

Responding and adapting to the new retail demands. The realities of change.

The Future of Fashion, the Big Picture — Adam Mansell (UKFT)

The big picture – summing up of how 2020 has changed the fashion industry’s priorities and what is the impact of Brexit on the UK industry.

Q&A / Panel Discussion — All afternoon speakers, moderated by Dr Julie King

Summary & Wrap-up  Dr. Julie King

This online conference is organised by the ASBCI with event partner Lectra and the charge is £25 for ASBCI members and £75 for non-members.

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