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Create A More Sustainable Leather Cutting Room

45 Minutes

Innovative Leather Hides + Industry 4.0 Technology = Sustainable Leather Products & Process

In this webinar, discover how new innovations in leather hide development + Industry 4.0 cutting room technology = maximum sustainability, traceability and create higher margins on each cost per piece.

Kim Sena, Sustainability Manager at JBS Couros Leather, and Jim Collins, VP of Sales Furniture & Automotive at Lectra, will discuss how to create more sustainable leather products and cutting room processes utilizing a new concept in hides + Industry 4.0 technologies.

Leather Hide 800 x 600

JBS will talk about how their Kind Leather approach, designed to minimize the overall environmental impact of the value chain by maximizing co-production and material utilization, improving your leather yield and material savings by up to 8-10 percent points when compared to traditional hides. And Lectra will highlight two process flows for leather cutting to easily pull orders and manage hides all while maximizing cut quality and yield. Together this combination allows for a higher degree of sustainability and flexibility.

By utilizing new leather hides called KIND hides + ERP integrated technology, learn how you can:

  • Increase hide yields up to 8 to 10%
  • Provide hide to cut parts traceability
  • Have zero buffer between parts
  • Create 1 workflow from customer order to production

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