Faster, Flexible Product Development

45 minutes

Simplify your product development

Do you need to simplify your furniture product development process?  And make it more streamlined, digital, collaborative and easier for new pattern developers?

In this webinar, we will share how one integrated process flow can help: 

  • Accelerate design implementation ensuring intent and quality
  • Generate early design pricing to ensure design profitability
  • Speed-up development with features like piece linking, frame importing and templates
  • Quickly turn designs into production ready patterns
  • Reduce the learning curve for new pattern developers

Finding the right process and software to help you quickly create, change, cost and produce your furniture is a critical part of enhancing your product for customers and better managing supply chain issues. 

Join Lectra's Product Development Specialist Chris Turley and Furniture Marketing Manager Heather Corrigan as they discuss how to streamline a furniture product development process. 

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