How to monitor 2022 retail trends through digitalization

60 minutes

Learn how digitalization can prepare you for consumer demands

Presented by Coresight Research and Lectra, this extensive webinar will guide you through the newest retail and e-commerce trends of 2022 and how digitalization can prepare you for consumer demands through the use of AI-powered benchmarking tools, and on-demand manufacturing.

Learn about how digitalization can:

  • Help you better understand consumer demands
  • Spot out the newest trends
  • Determine what items to sell
  • Monitor your competitors
  • And so much MORE!
How to Monitor 2022 Retail Trends Through Digitalization by Coresight & Lectra

Join us for a comprehensive webinar as we listen to industry leaders Ken Fayo, President of Research & Advisory of Coresight Research and Ketty Pillet, Vice President of Marketing, Americas, Lectra share their insights on the relationship of direct-to-consumer work flow and how you can monitor retail trends to stay ahead of the curve.

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