IACDE 3D Summit

Level up your 3D skills with Lectra at the IACDE 3D Summit 


Deepen your 3D knowledge and expand your skills at the IACDE 3D Summit

Patternmakers and technical developers can practice mastering the denim 3D workflow, from modeling to textures, by taking part in Lectra’s solution-focused breakout session on October 29, from 1 to 6 pm at the IACDE 3D Summit. 

October 15 is the last day to register!

Secure your space at the Lectra breakout room and discover tips and tricks used by patternmakers and technical developers to make it easier to excel at 3D workmanship.

  • Learn to optimize the workflow between various 3D systems
  • Improve your 3D patternmaking and technical design knowledge
  • Master the skills to take your 3D denim projects to the next level