Lectra 4.0 Automotive Series - Leather | Design + Nest + Cut to ZERO

60 minutes

Welcome to Transform to ZERO 2021.

With Lectra 4.0 Automotive, the entire digital cutting room is ZERO buffer to optimize the yield of leather. Learn how Transform to ZERO delivers savings and sustainability.

Join us on Thursday, July 29th, 2021 at
9:00am Mexico City | 10:00am Detroit | 11:00am Sao Paulo | 4:00pm Munich

  • DESIGN - Introducing the new DesignConcept V5R1 to Design to Manufacture to ZERO, reduce design iterations from 9 to 3, and much more.
  • NEST - Nest To ZERO seamlessly with Lectra's new LeatherSuite V8 to optimize your data to maximize speed, yield and quality.
  • CUT - Learn how in Europe, over 60% of our customers are driving savings and winning more business with Versalis.

Join us for an informative, insightful digital event to explore the power of innovation with Lectra's global leaders in leather from France and North America.

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