Lectra 4.0 Series | Design + Nest + Cut to ZERO Airbags

60 minutes

Welcome to Transform to ZERO 2021.

With Lectra 4.0, the entire digital cutting room is ZERO buffer including airbags. Learn how Transform to ZERO delivers savings and sustainability.

Join us on Thursday, June 24th, 2021 at
9:00am Mexico City | 10:00am Detroit | 11:00am Sao Paulo | 4:00pm Munich

  • With OPW, performance has increased 30%+ through continuous innovation. And we reach a new level of value with OPW V2 pricing
  • In FLAT, reduce your investment and have an upgradeable solution to 6K
  • And be connected in real-time with more support, more data and more insights to manage your business.

Join us for an informative, insightful digital event to explore the power of innovation with Lectra's global airbag leaders from France and Germany. 

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