Lectra Automotive Digital Event Highlights

Missed the event? Don’t have two hours to spare? We’ve got you covered. You can catch up by watching this video featuring all the best moments of the Automotive Cutting Room 4.0 launch. Get all key insights into the industry’s new normal in 15 minutes!

Get to know Vector, EmPower, Algopex and Valia

Welcome to the future. In this video, you will get a preview of our new Automotive Cutting Room 4.0, a unique combination of cloud software, enhanced equipment capabilities, scalable customer services.   

This solution comprises 4 components:

  • Vector, a zero-buffer fabric-cutting solution,
  • Valia, a preparation and planning manager,
  • EmPower, a next-generation service package, and
  • Algoplex, a complete range of value-added, data-driven services.
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    Our newest release will help you cut in a more cost-efficient manner at optimal speed. By gaining actionable insights into your production process via data, you can identify roadblocks and continuously improve it.  

    Valuable industry insights from renowned experts and customers

    What is the new normal in the automotive industry?

    What do today’s vehicle owners expect, now that the driver experience has more become more digitalized and personalized?

    Find out about the current automotive landscape and its biggest trends from our internal experts and keynote speaker from IBM Consulting France. 

    Our customer representatives from Tesca, a French premium seating manufacturer, will also share about their challenges and experience with Algopex in this video.

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