Flex Offer: More orders. Less time. Perfect harmony!

30 minutes

Discover Flex Offer by Lectra a new automated, cloud-based nesting solution for suppliers to boost their processing, costing, procurement and production performance.

The Faster fashion cycle has resulted in many changes for suppliers. Customers increasingly want lower prices and higher quality products. In addition, orders are significantly smaller, as contractors request fewer quantities for each style. Suppliers that previously worked for only a few contractors now, to maintain capacity levels, need to work with many more contractors. This shift is requiring suppliers to seek out cost-effective solutions to improve their operational efficiency and agility.

Flex Offer by Lectra, thanks to the power of cloud technology and automation offers suppliers a smarter way to keep products on-cost and avoid excess inventory or fabric shortages. Parallel processing enabled by the computational power of the cloud means suppliers can easily manage larger quantities of markers to maximize margins and control fabric costs.

Find out how Flex Offer by Lectra enables innovation and speed to market. Watch our webinar to discover why automation and cloud technology is making it easier for suppliers to:

  • Save time and boost productivity
  • Improve fabric efficiency
  • Easily manage a large quantity of markers
  • Quickly respond to RFQs and fast-track orders 


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Flex Offer: More orders. Less time. Perfect harmony!