Quick Offer by Lectra: Accurate fabric consumption available to all

45 mintues

Discover Quick Offer by Lectra, the latest cloud-based automation nesting solution for fashion brands and retailers 

Quick Offer by Lectra enables fashion executives to fast-track product development, optimize fabric savings and improve margins with agility, ease and efficiency.  Find out how this world-class offer helps fashion brands and retailers empower their product development and pre-production teams to accelerate time to market by making pattern adjustments and fabric-need decisions with greater independence, accuracy and efficiency. 

Watch this webinar to hear how an automated fabric estimation and nesting solution is enabling patternmakers and marker makers to streamline workflow, improve cost savings and enable their organizations to: 

  • Protect margins, optimize labor and verify that products remain on-cost 

  • Reduce waste and produce only what customers are willing to pay for 

  • Fast-track production to meet consumer demand for new products   

Register for this webinar to learn why fashion brands and retailers are embracing our cloud-based automation nesting solution, Quick Offer by Lectra, to deliver new products to market faster without compromising on quality or cost. 

Quick Offer by Lectra: Accurate fabric consumption available to all