United States


Rethink furniture production to meet new demand

45 minutes

With COVID, furniture manufacturers face challenges in terms of cost, labor availability, and increasingly tight time to market. Learn how you can digitalize, re-align and revamp your production to meet demand. 


New consumer behaviors, new time frames, and new business models require a new approach to production.

The Covid-19 crisis and its aftermath have brought into sharp focus the need for a demand-driven, flexible supply chain. Now is the time to rethink your production process.

Many manufacturers are retooling their processes to make them faster, more effective, more digitalized, automated and integrated. 

Our webinar Rethink furniture production to meet new demand will examine how you can prepare your company for today but also for what is next.  Join us to rethink furniture production and learn:

  • How rethinking your production can improve your bottom line
  • The importance of the on-demand production model for aligning supply and demand
  • Three key areas to focus on to reimagine your production
  • The key solutions that will support your production transformation and prepare you to meet the demand expected in 2021


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