Tackle price inflation and adapt quickly with real-time data

60 minutes

From an initially strong economic recovery, the United States is facing a steep slowdown due to rising inflation and interest rates, weighing on consumers and businesses.

With inflation reaching an ultimate high, the fashion industry is grappling with how to best position its pricing strategy to stay ahead of the curve.

Learn how successful companies such as Diesel, Balmain, Theory, and IKKS are using technology to stay ahead of the competition.

How to Monitor 2022 Retail Trends Through Digitalization by Coresight & Lectra

Join us for a discussion about:

  • Market economics and trends.
  • How successful fashion brands and retailers tackle inflation and develop the best strategy to protect margins.
  • How AI technology automates benchmarking to analyze the market in real-time (what your competition’s strategy is and how your strategy appears to them).

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