What’s New in Gerber YuniquePLM v9.1

45 minutes

Easier to use and configure how you need it...Gerber YuniquePLM 9.1 is here!

With so many of you in need of a PLM solution that allows you to communicate across your supply chain once, without error, it's important that we continue to deliver on a product that can keep up. With each release we listen to you and make sure we offer the best PLM solution on the market!

This new release offers: 

  • Enhancements to the Adobe Plugin that allow you to make more direct edits to the original attachment
  • Updated the UI for ease of use in the areas you need most
  • The ability to easily pass more SKUs from season to season
  • Expanded integration with Gerber AccuMark that is paving way for a more seamless integration between your marker at the Sample Request Level.

PLM is a must have solution for making sure your data is entered correctly and shared once, making sure your entire production process gets the right information at the right time.


What’s New in Gerber YuniquePLM v9.1