What’s New in Gerber YuniquePLM v9.0

1 hour

Gerber YuniquePLM v9.0 is here and features exciting new features that you’ve been waiting for. The latest release will boost productivity, improve collaboration and save more time for design.

The new features in Gerber YuniquePLM V9 include:

  • Partner Permissions is here! This will enhance collaboration by making data easier to share and manage in one application with more new functionality to come over the next few releases.
  • Boost productivity with some great updates to the bill of material workflow including multi-level BOM support, Parent & Child functionality, dimension management and locking configuration based on a style(s) status.
  • New configuration within a new field validation area and some logic updates based on style(s) status ensuring you have the right information you need as your collection moves through the product lifecycle.
  • The ability to configure fields from the material request submit grid, which will make it easier to search for color submit information when pitching material colors on your BOM.
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