Your sustainability journey begins with data

45 min (incl. Q&A)

Watch our webinar find out how to begin delivering on your sustainability promises

Consumers are a key reason that sustainability has moved from the sidelines to the forefront of the fashion industry.  According to The Economist’s study on sustainability in the fashion industry, 51% of fashion executives cited consumers as the driving force behind fashion’s new focus on sustainability issues.

But shoppers aren’t the only reason sustainability is a concern for fashion companies. National and international legislative bodies are taking on more of a role in regulating the fashion industry and curbing the industry’s wasteful ways.

As fashion brands around the world vie to attract these new, eco-conscious consumers and comply with increasingly stringent legislation, shaping a long-term sustainability strategy is critical.

In this webinar, “Taking Your First Steps to Sustainability”, we will help you identify the steps you can take to begin minimizing your company’s environmental impact.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Why sustainability is important in the fashion industry
  • The different dimensions of sustainability
  • Some examples of sustainable fashion companies
  • How you can you begin laying the foundation for sustainability in your company
  • How Kubix Link can help you along your sustainability journey

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