Athletic Footwear

Lectra brings the digital value chain to the footwear cutting room

  • Industry 4.0 - the latest technological phenomenon- is reshaping the entire athletic footwear industry.  In a bid to enhance their performance, fitness-savvy consumers are now heavily investing in smart footwear and demanding more in terms of quality and delivery time. Smart manufacturing is revolutionizing the traditional production process. Lectra can help athletic footwear manufacturers succeed in this new business environment by ensuring agility, reliable productivity, and profit.


    With its best-class innovative technology, Lectra brings digital value chain to the cutting room, offering a wide range of innovative solutions dedicated to athletic footwear manufacturers. 
    Discover how Lectra's automated solutions can streamline the entire cutting process, ensure agility for small orders, increase productivity for mass production and reduce time to market. Our solutions are compatible with most fabrics and ensure the highest standards in cutting quality. 

  • LECTRA Automatic Cutter vs. DIE PRESS

    The replacement of Die Press with Automatic Cutter is an inevitable trend in the  athletic footwear manufacturing industry. Die Press can no longer provide the speed and flexibility necessary to manage the increasing array of styling in the  athletic footwear market.