Cutting room

A Lectra cutting room is a competitive advantage.

In today’s accelerated fashion environment, production has to be fast and flexible enough to turn out a higher volume of smaller orders on tight deadlines, while keeping costs down and maintaining quality standards. What happens in the cutting room can tip the balance between profit and loss.
Lectra understands these challenges. We combine our apparel expertise with lean methodology and the latest technology to help companies turn the cutting room into a competitive advantage.


Best practices and state-of-the-art technologies simplify data flow, save time and minimize fabric waste, lowering production costs and making the Lectra cutting room a model of efficiency. Production runs smoothly; operations are streamlined. Discover Lectra's fashion cutting machines for fabric in this video below.

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SOLUTIONS GEARED TO THE INDUSTRYLectra’s cutting room solutions were developed with industry experts to help manufacturers optimize efficiency and reduce time to market. Lectra’s approach minimizes costs and maximizes profit margins with effective production planning that allows companies to explore their different design-to-cost and manfacture-to-cost options. Meanwhile, unmatched speed and zero-buffer cutting raise the bar in cutting room technology. “We are able to offer custom-made, finely crafted products, while cutting on an industrial scale.” - Giacomo Valentini, CEO of Orobianco, Italy


Find out how Lectra’s leather-cutting machine Versalis helped Orobianco increase their cutting volume by 50% and increase production from 10,000 to over 500,000 bags a year.

TURNING A PUSH INTO A PULLLectra’s lean cutting room gives manufacturers the agility to respond quickly to change. Instead of pushing goods to the market based on speculation, companies have the flexibility to act in response to a pull from retail partners, minimizing the risk of losses from unsold or heavily discounted goods—a stronger overall profit model.

“We get weekly point-of-sale data from the stores and then decide what to manufacture. We plug it into Lectra’s Optiplan and it says ‘Cut it this way’. Then we deliver within a week to replenish the stores." - Dr. Delman Lee, President and CTO of TAL Apparel Limited, Hong Kong, China


Find out how Lectra worked with the TAL Apparel group to reduce their fabric consumption by 1%, and played a role in facilitating an automated replenishment system which services 30% of TAL’s clients.

LEVERAGING 40 YEARS OF EXPERTISELectra is about more than just technology—we have 450 business consultants, project managers, solution and technical experts and customer care pooling their collective knowledge to help our customers with their individual business challenges.
“Our throughput improved by 20%, allowing us to absorb new business without increasing the number of working hours. We are producing more with the same resources.” – Virgilio Estévez, Plant Manager, Wacoal Corporation, Dominican Republic

Find out how Lectra worked with the Wacoal Corporation to streamline their workflow using Lectra solutions and the powerful Vector cutting machine to create a lean cutting room in the Dominican Republic.